Lexy Dee (ex_lexydee113) wrote in prin_superstar,
Lexy Dee

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Fried Chicken

Hey guys!

This has been bugging me for ages and I just thought to check for an LJ community.. and there is a Princess community! Oh joy!

So my question... the incredible song FRIED CHICKEN... there's a beat that runs through it that I know is a sample (not the bit that is the Beatles Get Back/Day in the life homage) ...this is so hard to convey in type but it basically goes:


The beat gets sped up and slowed down throughout the whole song.. if you listen to the song you'll know exactly which bit I mean.

It seems to me maybe it's an old disco song? It's been driving me nuts for a few years now, since I first heard what has become one of my top-ten favourite songs of all time :P I play it for everyone.. no one has any idea! So if you do, please help! :)
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